Casa Vinicola La Fornace

Nova 2022


Sangiovese 70%, Colorino 15%, Petit verdot 15%



The soils are characterised by clay deposits and sands derived from the disintegration of sandstone-type sedimentary rocks. They are located at an altitude between 300 and 400 metres above sea level, with a predominantly west/south-west exposure.


Spurred cordon


3000 vines/ha approx. for older plants. 5000 vines/ha for younger plantings.


As we have often heard in recent years, 2022 was one of the hottest years of the decade, a situation that has now become commonplace. A year marked by a higher average temperature and rainfall concentrated in the budding and harvesting phase, the latter having forced an early harvest (2 September) in order to avoid a wave of rain that would have delayed the harvest too much. On the whole, having managed to avoid the September rain, the vintage was nonetheless positive. Thanks to the well-positioned spring rains, the vines produced numerous healthy, specially pruned shoots, increasing the harvest by 35%.


The harvest took place in the first few days of September, brought forward due to rain that would have delayed the harvest period too much as we were looking for a sugar level within the grapes that was not too high. Obviously manual harvesting with careful selection of the bunches.


Immediately after the harvest, regular crushing and destemming took place, with the entire mass being directed into the steel tanks where fermentation took place correctly, with repeated repassing of the must over the grape dregs using the fulling technique, and finally a period of maceration extended into December to extract fragrant secondary aromas.


At the end of maceration, the wine was moved to the new cement vats, where it spent the next 8 months. Before bottling, it was again placed in the steel vats to stabilise before going into the bottle.

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