Casa Vinicola La Fornace

La fornace 2016


Sangiovese 70%, Colorino 15%, Petit verdot 15%



Spurred cordon


Cordone speronato


3000 vines/ha approx. for older plants. 5000 vines/ha for younger plantings.


A good year in 2016 with an overall mild winter characterised by below-average temperatures only in January and February. The rainfall was sufficient for the natural vegetative start of the vines, which took off towards the second week of April with the arrival of warm sunny days. The presence of rain even during this phase allowed a constant and adequate water reserve in the soil, favouring the flowering that ended in the second half of May. The temperature during the summer season was constant and slightly above average. The climate remained constant until the time of harvest, which took place on a wonderfully sunny day in the second half of September, postponed by a week due to a light rainfall that completed the ripening process of the grapes before time.


The harvest took place in the second half of September, on the 28th, and lasted a whole day. Manual harvest with careful selection of the bunches.


After careful selection of the grapes, destemming takes place, with the grains falling directly into steel vats where fermentation will take place for the next 14 days, with frequent pumping over.


At the end of fermentation and a period of 4 more months, the wine was placed in American oak barriques, where it spent a period of 48 months maturing. At the end, the wine was prepared for bottling, with a further short period of rest in glass before release.

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